Hello, My name is Arryonna.

There is a long list of things and people that I like - that I LOVE, in fact - however, there's a list of stuff I dislike, too. The trait that separates me from other humans with these lists is that I don't let things from my "dislikes list" effect my life because I prefer to focus on my "likes" list! I'm the type of person who will get pushed down and stepped all over, yet continue on better and stronger than before. Life is way too short. Some time ago, I thought I was super strong because I could only think of one deep, thorough fear I had, but each and every day I discover another deep, dark fear. I'm an aspiring change-maker, love-giver, life-supporter, world-traveler, revolution-spreader. I'm only 16 but I may act older or younger depending on the mood/time you catch me at. Anything that is symbolic and meaningful and classy and historical and natural and beautiful is automatically one hundred times more attractive and significant to me. I am an extremely hard worker and thrive to establish success, character, and a name for myself. I only do what I love and thus I love what I do.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabba (via kushandwizdom)

Today’s youth are told to get rich or die trying and they really shouldn’t take that attitude forward with them.

no entiendo


^ one of my fave phrases from spanish 1

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